April 11, 2013
Boscoe France Documentary

Last year, Boscoe France, a super cool and talented guy from Madisonville Kentucky, won the entire Guitar Center Battle of the Blues guitar competition. The coolest part about this is that he scored an endorsement through Gibson Guitars.

My friend Ben Woehler and I were hanging out at a local bar called Lamasco’s and were talking about ideas of projects to collaborate on. See, Ben is the producer and camera operator for the show My Classic Car on the speed network. We eventually came to the conclusion that we wanted to do a documentary on Boscoe and where he came from and how he ended up where he is today. It has turned into quite a beast. This is the first installment.

He also plays quite a bit in Evansville Indiana, where I happen to live. We connected on facebook when the Randy Blythe trial and accusations began in the Czech Republic, since we both happen to be fans of heavy metal music as well. We eventually connected and chatted it up a bit and my friend Ben Woehler and I started attending more of his shows testing some new video gear. I had recently bought the Nikon D800E, and wanted to give it a test run. I did some studio shots in my garage of Boscoe to promote him with to start out. boscoe_magazine_01




DSC_6548When I shot a live vid of their version of the Freddy King song, Goin’ Down, I really found out what the built in mic in the D800E was capable of. This was before I bought my RODE shotgun mic.
We are currently working on part two. Keep an eye out. And in the meantime, check out Boscoe’s website