January 17, 2014
Boscoe France part 2…

A year and a half ago, my friend and co-creative Ben Woehler started a story about Kentuckian blues man, Boscoe France. We finally finished the second part which brought us even further along in his story.

After Boscoe won the Guitar Center Battle of the Blues competition in 2012, Ben and I started a small bio project video based on his life, music, and where it has taken him. Seemed like an interesting story.

We put the first video out to a very positive response. We were actually contacted by the A&R president of Gibson Guitars. They told us they loved the video and to go ahead and take Boscoe down to the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville for a surprise. And to be sure to film it. You will find out what I am talking about when you watch the video.
In this video, you will see Boscoe’s adventure expand from his hometown of Madisonville Ky, to Nashville on his birthday, to the NAMM tradeshow in LA where he was a featured Gibson artist, to opening for BB King at the Victory Theater in Evansville Indiana.
It was a real treat to work on something this positive and I present it to you in it’s final form.

Boscoe Part 2. By A to B Productions in association with Madstache productions. Enjoy.