May 11, 2015
Robert John and Associates REBRANDING commercial
Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.33.45 AM

Robert John and Associates has been a local staple for injury attorney firms here in Evansville, Indiana for the last 40 years. Most people in my area know this firm by it’s jingle at the end of their commercials. Last year I was contacted by them to rebrand their firm as a new attorney was taking taking it over. After a few brainstorm sessions, I decided that they were looking for something different. After researching many different approaches to injury firms across the United States and even Europe, I really didn’t find much that was very inspirational. So, I decided to take a cinematic approach and characterize my subject. The goal here was to show concern, yet show the area that he was representing in a Film Noir style. Black and white using ambient light. And this area we shot in just so happens to be my neighborhood. This is an example of thinking outside of the box on the clients part. I am very impressed with how they decided to take my approach instead of wanting something similar to what other firms were doing. We will be shooting more of these this year. Looking forward to it.