June 12, 2013
Wall Street Journal recognizes Speed Painter Aaron Kizer for painting a portrait for Kanye West/Nappy Roots for charity….

As you might know, my buddy Ben Woehler and I work together from time to time on personal projects that we decide we should team up on. We are currently working on a series of documentaries for the Blues guitar destroyer, Boscoe France, who won the Guitar Center Battle of the Blues competition in 2012.

That project has actually attracted a variety of people that work and operate some really big business’s in the United States and has turned out to have quite a bit of positive feedback.

Recently, we were contacted to shoot a video for a speed painter from Owensboro KY AARON KIZER.

Aaron is known for painting a portrait of famous people (upside down) in the amount of time it takes a song to play.

For this project, the Hip Hop group NAPPY ROOTS released a song as a re-mix from a beat that KANYE WEST created and was used as a career peaking hit.

In the video that Ben and I shot below, Kizer paints a portrait of KANYE WEST to this new single by NAPPY ROOTS.

The Wall Street Journal did a write up on this story as you can read after clicking the link.

After shooting the video, I shot some portraits of Aaron and his painting. It was really impressive seeing him do his thing.









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Photos by: Alex Morgan Imaging
Video shot by: Ben Woehler and Alex Morgan Imaging